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Peel Mirror System Unboxing and Installation

Peel Mirror System is an innovative, cost-effective mirror solution designed to combat vandalism and graffiti. It features a unique multi-layer mirror film that can be easily peeled away to reveal a fresh mirror surface in case of vandalism.

Peel Mirror System Offset Installation Guide

This video demonstrates how to install the offset included in your Peel Mirror System kit. Make sure your mirror is flush and level with the wall in your restroom by utilizing this practical tool.

Remove Protective Coating Once Peel Mirror System has been Installed

After you have installed our Peel Mirror System, it is now time to remove the protective coating. Simply peel coating off by starting on a corner.

Recommended Installation Height Above Sink

Be sure to install your Peel Mirror System at least a half inch away from the base of your sink faucet. This will avoid any premature corrosion around your mirror.

Peeling Layers Guide

Welcome to our easy-to-follow tutorial on how to effectively peel the layers of film from our Peel Mirror System!

Our innovative mirror solution is designed to combat vandalism and graffiti, featuring a unique multi-layer mirror film. With just a few simple steps, you can effortlessly remove the layer affected by graffiti, revealing a fresh mirror surface in seconds.

It is important to follow the proper peeling technique to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of our Peel Mirror System.

Don’t let vandalism ruin your mirrors – with the Peel Mirror System, maintaining a pristine mirror surface has never been easier.

Peel Mirror System Mirror Removal Guide

Welcome to our quick tutorial on removing the Peel Mirror System Mirror effortlessly! In this video, we’ll walk you through the simple steps needed to safely remove your Peel Mirror System Mirror when it’s due for replacement.

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Our Peel Mirror System Mirror is Shatter Resistant!

Safety is a top priority with Peel Mirror System. The mirror’s acrylic board construction is shatter-resistant, providing peace of mind in environments where accidents or impacts may occur. You can rest assured knowing that your mirror will remain intact even under unexpected circumstances.

Combat Vandalism and Graffiti

Combat Vandalism Effortlessly with Peel Mirror System. Our innovative and cost-effective mirror solution is specifically designed to combat vandalism and graffiti. Featuring a unique multi-layer mirror film, effortlessly peel away to reveal a fresh mirror surface in case of vandalism.

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