PEEL Mirror System: A Testimonial from McFadden Public Market Owner, Phillip Kwan

PEEL Mirror System Testimonial

June 26, 2024

In our ongoing mission to showcase the effectiveness of the PEEL Mirror System, we are excited to share a testimonial from Phillip, the owner of McFadden Public Market in Downtown Santa Ana, Orange County, CA.

McFadden Public Market is a lively venue featuring a fantastic restaurant, a classic arcade with beloved 80’s video games and pinball machines, live music, and karaoke nights. Despite its vibrant atmosphere, the market faced challenges with vandalized restroom mirrors, creating an unwelcoming environment for patrons.

Phillip’s Experience with PEEL Mirror System

Phillip shared his positive experience with our innovative mirror protection solution. He emphasized how crucial it is to maintain an inviting and well-maintained venue like McFadden Public Market. The constant issue of vandalized restroom mirrors was not only a financial burden but also detracted from customers’ experience. Discovering the PEEL Mirror System was a game-changer.

The installation process was straightforward, and the immediate improvement was remarkable. The multi-layer mirror film concept proved to be brilliant. Whenever a mirror gets vandalized, removing the damaged layer reveals a fresh, clean mirror underneath. This solution is cost-effective, shatter-resistant, and incredibly easy to manage.

Since implementing the PEEL Mirror System, there has been a significant reduction in vandalism incidents at the market. Vandals seem to lose interest when they realize their efforts are easily undone. This product has truly transformed the maintenance process and helped maintain the welcoming environment that patrons expect.

PEEL Mirror System Testimonial
PEEL Mirror System Testimonial
PEEL Mirror System Testimonial
PEEL Mirror System Testimonial

Why Choose PEEL Mirror System?

The PEEL Mirror System stands out for its:

Multi-layer Mirror Film: Offers easy removal of damaged layers, revealing a fresh surface.
Shatter Resistance: Ensures safety and durability.
Cost-Effectiveness: Reduces the need for frequent replacements and repairs.
Vandal Deterrence: Discourages repeated vandalism due to its quick and simple maintenance.

Join the growing number of satisfied customers like Philip who have experienced the benefits of the PEEL Mirror System firsthand. Watch our video to see the full testimonial and learn more about how our product can revolutionize your facility’s mirror maintenance.

For more information and to see the PEEL Mirror System in action, visit our website at

Stay tuned for more updates, testimonials, and success stories. Together, let’s keep our public spaces clean, safe, and vandal-free with the PEEL Mirror System!

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