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Introducing Parts Town – a cornerstone in the community, rooted in integrity and dedicated to delivering excellence. As trusted distributors of the Peel Mirror System, Parts Town epitomizes reliability and commitment to quality. With a steadfast focus on OEM parts, they prioritize safety and success for businesses of all sizes.

Beyond mere order fulfillment, Parts Town strives to innovate, constantly seeking new solutions to empower their customers. Their unparalleled inventory and dedication to groundbreaking advancements ensure that every interaction goes beyond expectation.

But what truly sets Parts Town apart is their personal touch. To them, customers aren’t just transactions – they’re friends, even family. This deep connection drives their service, ensuring that every need is not just met, but exceeded.

Experience the difference a Town can make. Partner with Parts Town for unparalleled service, cutting-edge technology, and a genuine, family-style approach to business. Welcome to a community where success is served, one relationship at a time.

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Introducing Graffiti Shield – a pioneer in surface protection solutions for glass, metal, and solid surfaces. With a focus on anti-graffiti films for both public and private spaces, Graffiti Shield brings decades of expertise to the forefront.

Combat Vandalism and Graffiti

Combat Vandalism Effortlessly with Peel Mirror System. Our innovative and cost-effective mirror solution is specifically designed to combat vandalism and graffiti. Featuring a unique multi-layer mirror film, effortlessly peel away to reveal a fresh mirror surface in case of vandalism.

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2940 E. La Palma Ave. Suite C Anaheim, CA 92806

Patented (US Patent 11,002,063), with other patents pending.
Engineered in California, made in the USA.